Sunday, August 15, 2010

DTP OptiTeam at Sneekweek

While we were dressing up in sunglasses and silly shirts, Erwin [L] and Dennis [R] Bouma were battling it out on the Sneekermeer in the Optimist B's.
After an exciting week with all kinds of weather Erwin's consistent sailing brought him another first place, well done Erwin. 
It was close though; Dennis' fighting finish of two bullets in the last two races landed him a solid third place and means he's in form for the last combi of the season over two weeks, back on the Schildmeer. Well done too,  Dennis.
Congratulations too to Wouter Vos for his fourth place, three Groninger Optimists in the first five.

The rest of the DTP sailors' results can be found here: Sneekweek 2010