Sunday, July 26, 2009

We sailed again today

A slightly unusual Sunday morning race this week as Em came along with us in the 16m2. She decided that she was going to be in charge of the self bailers. She spent most of the race on the floor experimenting with them at different speeds, letting water in the listening to it slurp out. It was quite a squeeze tacking. I'd say 'ready?', Claudia said 'yes' and Em would say 'why?'. Sometimes I explained but mostly we climbed over and round her. Though we got a reasonable start it all went wrong on the second beat [too much explaining 'why'] and we lost touch with the first four boats. It was great weather though. Claudia got to fly in her new Magic Marine trapeze harness, bought in Eastleigh from LDC, and Em and I swam after lunch then ate ice creams.

Widemouth Bay

Widemouth Bay
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We're home from a camping, surfing, family visiting trip to the UK. Here we were in Widemouth Bay and Em is knocked out from a day's surfing the big Atlantic rollers on the North coast of Cornwall.