Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moving holes

In 1968 the original Kromhout single cylinder engine aboard Op Hoop van Zegen was replaced by a two cylinder Rennes. As it was easier to run this engine from it's starboard side the port engine room hatch and starboard rear cabin hatch were closed up and a new hatch made on the right of the wheelhouse.
as part of our plans to refit the engine room we wanted to re-open the old hatches. Having cut the closing plates away and ground the welds we've removed the 'new' hatch and closed the hole with old steel deck plates with short diamond pattern to match the original deck.

Pin end

Claudia and I lining up 3956 to win the pin at the start of Sunday's race during Schildweek 2013.
We went on to win this race and finished the week fourth, behind the 4336 and 4014.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Empty bed

With the DAF, generator and tanks out of our engine room it's time to clean out the muck and grime that has accumulated over the last 97 years.
When we are done with the angle grinder and all is de-greased we will prime and paint ready for the new Deutz and diesel tanks.