Sunday, September 27, 2009


Originally uploaded by Sadlr

Today was the final day of the 2010 season at the VWDTP. Claudia and I had another good day in the 16m2, keeping the Klein family on their toes for the first half of the race before a couple of Sailhorses got between us and them and they got away. Still, another second and a great finish to a season in which we've had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about our new boat.
On the other side of the lake Em was battling it out in the final two races of the Optimist Mini Cup series. She had been calculating all week how well she had to finish assuming that Dennis won both races. As it was she finished 1st and 3rd today, giving her 1st place overall for the season, a gold medal and her name on the Optimist B Mini Cup. Well done Em.
Congratulations too to Pim [Smart Pimmetje] for his 1st place in the Optimist C Mini Cup.